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中国的维基解密 推特账号泄露富豪个人信息

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本文摘要:HONG KONG — For a few brief hours this week, China had its own answer to WikiLeaks: a mysterious Twitter account that posted the personal information of dozens of the country’s most prominent people, including billionaires and even the arc


HONG KONG — For a few brief hours this week, China had its own answer to WikiLeaks: a mysterious Twitter account that posted the personal information of dozens of the country’s most prominent people, including billionaires and even the architect of the country’s Internet controls.香港——在本周的短短几个小时里,中国有了自己的维基解密(WikiLeaks):一个谜样的Twitter账号发布了中国几十个名人的个人信息,还包括亿万富翁,甚至还有中国互联网管控的缔造者。The account @shenfenzheng — which means “personal identification” in Chinese — was suspended by Twitter on Thursday afternoon, making its posts no longer available. Before it was suspended, the account was used to post photographs and screenshots containing personal information including addresses, national identification numbers, educational attainment and marital status of well-known Chinese.周四下午,Twitter失效了@shenfenzheng这个账号,造成网友无法再行看见涉及发帖。被失效前,该账号公布了多张包括个人信息的照片和屏幕截图,还包括涉及名人的住址、身份证号、不受教育水平和婚姻状况。Among them were the two richest people in mainland China, Jack Ma, the chairman of the Internet giant Alibaba Group, and Wang Jianlin, the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, a real estate company.其中还包括中国大陆最富裕的互联网巨头阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云,和房地产公司沈阳万达集团董事长王健林。

It was not clear who controlled the account, or whether that person was inside or outside China. If inside, the person had the technical means to overcome the country’s so-called Great Firewall, which blocks Twitter. The person, or people, appear to view China’s Internet controls with some disdain: One of the identification cards posted by @shenfenzheng was purported to be that of Fang Binxing, known as the architect of the Great Firewall. 尚能不确切是谁掌控着这个账号,以及此人是在国内还是国外。如果在国内,则此人在技术上有办法跨过屏蔽Twitter的“屏蔽长城”。该账户的所有者或许对中国的互联网管控有一些痛恨:@shenfenzheng发布的其中一张身份证的主人,据信是被称作“屏蔽长城”缔造者的方滨昌。

In mainland China, buying and disseminating personal information is against the law, and violators can face three to seven years in jail and fines, according to a statute passed last year by the National People’s Congress. But thousands, if not millions, of people have access to the national police database that contains such information, and if they do not, they may know someone who does. 根据全国人民代表大会去年通过的一项法律,在中国大陆,出售和散播个人信息是违法的,违背涉及规定者可能会被判处三到七年有期徒刑和罚款。但能采访包括这类信息的全国警用数据库的人,没上百万也就几十万。就算自己无权采访该数据库,他们也有可能了解有采访权限的人。“Surprised by these tidbits of information?” @shenfenzheng posted before the account was suspended. “I hope this can get fellow countrymen thinking. Personal privacy is worth nothing in China.”“很吃惊这点信息吗? ”@shenfenzheng在账号被封前说道。

“期望能引发国人的思维,个人隐私在中国显然不值钱。”The goal of @shenfenzheng appears to be to draw attention to the illegal selling of personal information in China, a widespread practice. Private investigators can buy troves of personal data to obtain information on companies or individuals. Others abuse the online national police files for more prosaic reasons, like planning class reunions.@shenfenzheng的目的或许是引发对非法出售个人信息不道德的注目。


In the United States, nine-digit Social Security numbers say little about a person, other than perhaps the region where they lived when they applied for a card.在美国,九位社会安全性号码除了能表明持有人申请人该卡时所在的地区外,完全透漏没法一个人的任何信息。In mainland China, national identity numbers contain far more information in its 18 digits, including sex, birth date and the province, city and even neighborhood of a person’s legal residence. Those numbers, despite the tough new law, can sometimes be found on websites of government agencies, like the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. 在中国大陆,身份证号包括的信息近少于它的18位数字,还包括性别、出生日期和一个人的法定住所所在的省、市甚至街区。

尽管新的实施的法律极为严苛,但有时候仍然能在国家工商行政管理总局这种政府机构的网站上看见这些数字。There are other ways to legally obtain such numbers. Chinese citizens who are directors in companies registered in Hong Kong often provide their home addresses and national identification card numbers on publicly available documents found on the city’s online company registry. 还可以通过其他方式,合法取得这类数字。中国公民在注册地为香港的公司兼任董事时,一般来说必须在对外公开发表的文件上获取自己的家庭住址和身份证号。

在香港的网上查册中心之后可看见这些文件。Reporters who investigate the business interests of China’s politically powerful families — and the billionaires who court them — use identification numbers to “bulletproof” their articles, giving them a vital level of certainty difficult to obtain in a country where more than 90 million people share the same last name, Wang.记者在调查中国政治势力的强劲家族,以及调查巴结这些家族的亿万富翁的商业利益时,不会用身份证号作为报导的“防弹衣”,给报导一种至关重要的佐证性。在中国这个姓王的人多达9000万的国家,做佐证是极为艰难的。The New York Times was able to verify the accuracy of the identification numbers of several of the people exposed by the @shenfenzheng account, including Mr. Wang; his wife, Lin Ning; his son, Wang Sicong; and Mr. Ma of Alibaba.《纽约时报》需要核实@shenfenzheng曝光的其中几人的身份证号的准确性,还包括王健林、其妻林宁、其子王思聪以及阿里巴巴的马云。

The Chinese Public Security Bureau did not respond to a fax asking whether the agency was concerned about the security of its online database and, if it is, what measures it might take to control leaks. News about the online leak was reported earlier by Bloomberg News. 记者给中国公安机关发传真,告知其否担忧自己的在线数据库的安全性,以及如果担忧的话可能会采行什么措施掌控泄露,但对方并未恢复。早前,彭博新闻社(Bloomberg News)报导过网络泄露问题。Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.Twitter未恢复记者的置评催促。

Twitter prohibits the posting of personal information such as national identification numbers. Accounts that violate that policy can be temporarily blocked or permanently suspended, according to rules on the company’s website. Twitter禁令公布身份证号这样的个人信息。根据该公司网站上的规定,违背这项政策的账号可能会被继续或永久性失效。